Saturday, August 11, 2012

my world

Living in central New Hampshire has its perks:  mountains, lakes, fall foliage, wildlife everywhere, quiet living (though the winters could be shorter!).   The ocean and Boston (where I grew up) are an easy day trip.  It's a special place.
Today I wanted to share with you some random photos I've taken over the years...they are all within 20 minutes or less of my home.
What do you love about your little piece of the world?
Lake Massasecum...I love this spot

Lake Massasecum

my bee balm did really well that year!  that's the kitchen of my little cottage in the background :)

sunset from atop Mt. Kearsarge - my favorite local hike

Lake Sunapee

New London

New London

New London

Newbury Harbor - Lake Sunapee

around the corner from my house is this beautiful stream...

houses on my street during an especially snowy winter....

I love the star window (see it?) in the peak of my neighbor's house!