Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Few Good Finds

Need some affordable gift ideas?  Click on the images to purchase or learn more...
For the fragrance lover:
This is a wonderful line of botanical, organic perfumes.
 An Eco d'Lux set containing six .25 gram samples of handmade, pure botanical perfume extrait in each vial. This six pack includes:

LYRA: A rich amber floral, very feminine
AURORA: Spicy floral notes, very feminine
Q: The Oak Perfume, green & woody notes woven with resin
VERA: Ode to Lavender
SIERRA: The vertical Eden of conifers
TANGENT: Incense themed perfume with sweet wood and herb
 For the tea lover:
The Bodum Tea Press.
Just got one for myself over the's great!
And don't forget a mug cozy to keep that tea hot...
I love Cayenne Peppy Bags.  Their tagline: Handbags & Purses for the happy bohemian
 Can't go to Paris for this holidays this year?  Then bring it to you...
frame one of these beautiful photos...
...and wrap it up with a pretty gift tag (these would also look great tied on your tree as ornaments!)