Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cemetary walk, anyone?

It was one of those perfect New England autumn days today - warm, crisp air, bright sunshine, crunchy leaves underfoot.  Swell time for a cemetary walk, wouldn't you say?  Now, I've always thought of cemetaries as creepy places - still do - but on a pretty day like today, it seemed harmless enough (I might think twice under a full moon!). 

I've lived in this hamlet for almost nine years, but this was my first visit to the local cemetary.  It sits (as many old New England cemetaries do) behind the local church.  I was the only visitor this afternoon, so I took my time and really explored.  It was interesting looking at the headstones; some were simply made, others quite elaborate with impressive craftsmanship.  I wondered what the faces, personalities, and lives were like of the people who passed on so long ago...

It was an oddly meditative place, encouraging me to pause and reflect on my own mortality,  reminding me to drink in each day, each moment.  I must say, I enjoyed my time there.  And since it's only a five minute walk from my cottage, I'll be back.

pointing toward heaven?

I really like this one - looks like the trees are offering protection
wonder what is the significance of the hand and plant?
chain fence...hmm...are they keeping people out?  or in?

an especially pretty headstone

the detail on this one is beautiful