Thursday, March 31, 2011


Don't you just love a great mug?  One that feels just right in your hand, is chunky and solid, and hopefully looks really cool, too?  I'm always on a quest to find the "next great mug".  Naturally, it has to be handmade!  Here are some I found on Etsy that I've put on my wish list (hint, hint!)...
This beauty speaks to my Earth Girl.  And how can you not love that cork??  Handmade by Appleware Pottery and for sale at their Etsy shop.  Want.  Now.
Wow.  Just wow.  I love everything about this mug!  Super creative design, fabulous colors!  Sigh.  Handmade by Creativewithclay and for sale at their Etsy shop.  If you buy it before I do, please promise to love it always. :-)
So charming!  The original, handpainted design on this sweet mug just makes me smile.  Available by Jim and Gina at their Etsy shop
These colors are gorrrrrrrrrrrgeous, and I love the shape of these beauties, too.  Available by onewintrynight at their Etsy shop
Cheers!  ~Barbara